Meet Marianne: 

Coming from a corporate background of marketing, sales and management for Fortune 1000 companies, Marianne found her love in Interior Design and Feng Shui. Her firm, Design Fusion, LLC, provides a blend of both Design and Feng Shui services.As a graduate of the American Institute of Interior Design, Marianne combines her understanding of cutting edge design with the ancient art of Classical Chinese Feng Shui. She utilizes this 4,000 year-old Chinese design tradition to bring balance and positive energy to all   environments, both to residential and corporate clients.Marianne is an Interior Designer (Allied ASID)and a Classical Feng Shui Master trained in Energy Balancing and Space Clearing.

She is also an expert in advanced Classical Feng Shui systems such as Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Stars), BaZhai (Eight Mansions), San He (Three Harmonies), San Yuan (Three Cycles), advanced Water formulas and Land Form techniques (Xing Fa).  She is a past Director and Red Ribbon Professional Member of the International Feng Shui Guild.Marianne is a faculty member of the American Institute of Interior Design, and is available for speaking engagements, workshops, design projects of all sizes, and consultations. Originally from Chicago, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Loyola University, Feng Shui Master Level certification from the American College of Classical Feng Shui as well as her Interior Design certification.  Call 480.280.4141 or email at with any inquiries.

Meet Tatiana

What Tatiana likes most about Interior Design is how even small changes can result in significant improvements in the function, aesthetics and feel of a space.  She enjoys seeing how those enhancements positively affect her clients.  While there are endless creative possibilities, Tatiana thrives on a design style that is technically challenging and requires great attention to detail, which is a real benefit to her clientele.

As a graduate of the American Institute of Interior Design, Tatiana combines her passion for Interior Design with a special emphasis on Lighting Design technologies.  She likes to begin with the functionality of the room and then use her expertise and love of lighting to enhance the space.  The results are beautiful, and allow the unique features of your home or business to really shine.  A well-lit room not only enhances the interior, but can also showcase special architectural features, set a mood or create focal points for art, greenery and accessories.

Tatiana currently teaches Lighting Design at the American Institute of Interior Design, and is available for design projects of all sizes, and consultations. She can be reached at 602.617.5286 or emailed at


 Meet Kristy


Kristy received her Classical Feng Shui Master certification from The American College of    Classical Feng Shui under the Wu Chang lineage through Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai.  She is  trained in Energy Balancing and all aspects of advanced Classical Feng Shui techniques.  Kristy is also an Interior Designer and a graduate of the American Institute of Interior Design.  Additionally, she is an active licensed Realtor with Re/Max Sun Properties.  Count on Kristy to assist you from start to finish.

Kristy is originally from the Kansas City area, and has over twenty years of experience in the Real Estate / Finance industry.  She has been assisting buyers and sellers in the Valley of the Sun since 2003.  Kristy has been a Feng Shui practitioner since 2012.  She became interested in Feng Shui several years ago when she hired a professional to assess her husband’s office space.  “The whole process was so intriguing that I had to learn more.  I saw the changes it made and wanted to help others too.  I thought this is the perfect marriage, Real Estate and Feng Shui.”  Kristy’s business philosophy is based on honesty, integrity and good old-fashioned hard work.

If you would like Kristy’s assistance to help your clients thrive in their new home or business, please contact her at 480.296.3699 or at