The phenomena – Feng Shui

Feng Shui


Feng Shui is an ancient science rooted in all earth and mathematical sciences. All living beings are subject to the conditions of their environment. Phenomena correlate with natural order and principles. Both natural and manmade phenomena such as shapes, colors, light, sound, movement, temperature, electromagnetic energy fields, compass directions, air, water, and food all affect living beings.

The purpose of Feng Shui is to analyze the effect of environmental conditions on living beings, change negative aspects to positive, and harness the positive energy within any given space.¬†All beings benefit to positive energy that continually generate and stimulate physical, mental, and emotional well being down to a cellular level. In essence, Feng Shui is the study of environmental effects on living beings and works to harmonize and align them within heaven and earth’s energies.

Cause and Effect

Feng Shui operates under the universal law of “cause and effect. Atoms are constantly moving within forms, nothing is stagnant for long. When change occurs within an environment, the energy changesnwithin that space. Adding fresh flowers or music to a room completely changes the energy, as does cleaning, and rearranging furniture. New paint, flooring, or new furnishings change the energy. Opening a window changes the energy of a space as well, positively or negatively depending on the air quality verses what was present in the space. When Design Fusion change environments, so does the energy around. Everyone has experienced positive, negative and neutral spaces, and therefore, have experienced Feng Shui principles at work. After a home or career move have you ever experienced certain areas of your life changing positively or negatively? This is confirmation that our environments affect us in many ways that are beyond most people’s understanding, unless you’re Feng Shui enlightened.

Feng Shui helps enhance our “earth luck”¬†through increasing awareness, mindfulness, and intention. It cannot change our “destiny luck” as that is something we have created up to the present moment, and through thoughts and actions.

Feng Shui Origin

Feng Shui is believed to have originated in China; however, similar principles have been discovered in other regions. Feng Shui means, “wind water.” It was originally named Kan Yu, which means, “Raise the head and observe the sky above, lower the head and observe the environment around us.” Feng Shui is an observation of the cycles of nature and requires associative resonant thinking for accurate comprehension.

People that spend time close to water or in powerful earth energy spots like Sedona, Arizona are more in tune with nature and seem to naturally understand how deeply our environments affect us as well. Design Fusion brings that positive energy to the cities of Scottsdale, Phoenix & Fountain Hills. The more people live in artificial environments, and consume more contaminated food, water, and air, the less they are able to realize the connection. There is also a Karmic component.

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